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What We Do

Our core service areas.

Community Events & Programs

Give Hopes is committed to working with local volunteers, businesses, agencies, churches, and organizations who believe in building stronger communities through generosity and kindness to organise help centered events as well agricultural and nutrition focused events for societal growth.

Women Empowerment Programs

Give Hopes encourages women around the world to realize their value and reach their potential through virtual and one on one mindset coaching program,
job training and education. The program encourages family unification and strengthens marriages.

Rural Compassion Initiatives

Rural Compassion Through this Initiative, Give Hopes resources, empowers, and partners with rural churches and schools through training, mentoring, and coaching. We believe their increased presence and partnership with local leaders will help enrich their communities.

Community Events by Give Hopes

Give Hopes Community Event is a united act of compassion that helps families in need. Local churches, businesses, community service, and health organizations partner with us to provide participants with much needed food supply, free basic health services, hygiene products, clothing, shoe drive, job ready services, coaching and children educational activities.

Communities are the lifeblood of villages, cities, and nations. Give Hopes is committed to working with local volunteers, businesses, agencies, churches, and organizations who believe in building stronger communities through generosity and kindness. In Africa, there are many communities where vulnerable families struggle to put food on their tables. It’s in such situations that a free supplemental food supply, the chance to help a struggling graduate prepare for a job opportunity, a route visit to widows home, coaching a youth, a free life-saving health screening, or even just praying with someone can serve as life-changing experiences that transform families and strengthen communities.

Our Approach For Community Events

A. Community Partnerships

Give Hopes community enrichment team works in advance with community leaders and stakeholders, forming partnerships that build the foundation for our outreach events. Partnership with local governments, business, organizations, and churches are crucial to the success of our events.

B. Volunteers

Volunteers are an important part of every Community Event. Give Hopes engages with community members to build a volunteer base, establish a customized plan, and carry out the event.

C. Event Participants

Event participants are treated as Guests of Honor. We invite the community to experience a poverty-free day filled with free food, services, and hope. The heart and soul of every Community Event is compassion. Many participants are families who are living in poverty or are on the fringes of it. The goal of each Community Event is to help give them a hand up during difficult times. We follow up after each event to provide much needed support to those families.

Agricultural Programs By Give Hopes

Through our Agriculture program, Give Hope equips vulnerable farmers and families with the necessary skills, tools, and seeds they need to produce life-sustaining crops. Hundreds of meals are harvested each year for our Children’s Feeding program, which simultaneously generates income for local farmers.

Food security is crucial for communities and families around the world. When we help farmers increase the food security of their communities and families, we can play a part in transforming the lives of countless people by lifting them out of dependency. It gives families peace of mind and boost their self -esteem. We’re also educating schools, churches, and orphanages around Africa on how to start and maintain their own gardens to increase their food supply system.

Our Approach For Agricultural Programs

A. Assessment

We use the best tools available to assess the local culture, context of living environments, and the economic situation to understand the real food security needs in the local community and surrounding villages.

B. Education

We educate farmers through curriculum, workshops, and local agronomist. We strive to take the best science to the farmers. As we make agronomy education available, we also increase resources and the information flow to as many in the community as possible.

C. Implementation

This program strives to assist farmers in implementing the best agronomic practices in both pilot and large-scale projects.

Women Empowerment Programs by Give Hopes

Give Hopes encourages women around the world to realize their value and reach their potential through virtual and one on one mindset coaching program, job training and education. As a result, many enrolled in our Women’s Empower minds program have the ability to own a business that will allows them to better feed and care for their children while supporting their spouses in the process. The program encourages family unification and strengthens marriages.

When women are given the opportunity to generate income, it impacts their families and their country’s economic standing. We want to empower women around the world to make strategic, independent life choices through community-based training and non-traditional micro-enterprise development.

“Every woman deserves to be empowered. To have strength and dignity. To know she is valuable. To be shown the love of God. Through this program, the lives of women and their families are being transformed and receiving hope for a better future. I am excited to be a part of helping my sisters all over the world!”
Ps. Lucia Dey – Founder & President of Give Hopes

Our Approach For Women Empowerment

A. Economic Empowerment

Our Economic Empowerment program equips women with financial education, vocational training, cooperative saving groups, and even start-up capital. After receiving training and the distribution of capital for small business start-ups, women participate in income-generating activities as they launch their own small business. Every activity is monitored by Give Hopes staff to ensure support and success. At the onset of the program, all women engage in self-esteem building activities and are provided with education in basic literacy and numeracy, family health and nutrition, family planning, and the prevention of communicable diseases.

B. Family Health Empowerment

Through our Family Health Empowerment, women attend educational sessions where they are trained in health, hygiene, literacy, nutrition, small-scale community agriculture, and vocational/cooking. Participants who display consistent attendance receive a month’s worth of food to help supplement their diet at home. Not only does this provide incentive for women to come and learn, but it also helps Give of Hopes address the nutritional deficiencies of children who are not enrolled in any kind of school. parents, especially those who are pregnant, are provided with vitamins for both themselves and their children. All of the participants' children under 6 years old are monitored through their Body Mass Index to strive toward a reduction in malnutrition and protect healthy development.